Sunday, 8 June 2008

The King of Clay

Truly. Rafael Nadal is once again the French Open winner, beating Federer on clay again. He's got his fourth French Open cup in a row now. It's a real great inspiration to watch him play. But this time Federer wasn't his usual self. Didn't play well at all. Probably wasn't his day at all or did Nadal make him feel out of place? I don't know. But being a Nadal fan, I liked watching the match. I am just saying that I liked the match, not loved it. Because Federer wasn't at his best, and it would have been far interesting if Nadal beat him while he was at his best.

Anyway, now that the match is over, I look forward to watching the opening match of Spain. Hey, Euro 2008 is on. And viva Espanyol !