Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Times of India "Spot the news" contest

Welcome to The Times of India "Spot the news" contest. Contestants will be given a Times of India newspaper and the first person to circle where the News item is actually present on the paper will be the winner. Quite simple, isn't it ? Or so one would think.

There are two rounds in this contest. In the first round, contestants will be given a weekday issue of either the main paper or the supplementary "Hyderabad Times" or "Bangalore Times" or other such editions. After the "slow and dumb" contestants are eliminated, the ante is upped. The contestants will be given a Sunday edition where it is very tough to spot the News item amidst the plethora of Ads.

Contestants are advised to go through all the papers, as many as one can lay hands on, and try to find the "News" in the Newspaper. You'll be amazed at the number of Ads that are present and the corners to which the News items are pushed to.

Next up: Count the Ads in the Times newspaper.