Friday, 2 October 2015

Are you ?

"If you never try, you'll never know.. Just what you want"
Are you doing what you wanted to ? Are you running, skating, or even crawling towards your dreams ? Are you sweating your brow? Are you letting the rain know you've got more in you than keeping it stop you ? Have you given all the love you've got ?

Give some more love. It's worth it.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Real learning

Have you ever felt like you were reading too much but not applying it? Well, I do. For some time now. The quest for knowledge seems to be too much and even though I know deep down that I need to apply it, embrace it, to let it really sink in before I can be sure that I really know it, I am not doing it.
Here's reminding myself to start applying - bit by bit and watch it grow.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What.A.Song !

I suddenly had this urge to listen to a nice uplifting music and went for The Dark Knight ending theme. Stumbling upon a few pieces, I went on to hear the "No time for Caution" from Interstellar and then it stuck me why it was such a hair-raising/mindblowing-awesome experience !

The music, that was it. It's the way it is built. It's like someone knows the emotion, to put it into something beyond words, something that makes you live the experience that Cooper is going through, captured in music. Made alive. Makes me feel alive.

I can almost hear TARS stating "It's not possible" and Coop replying "No, it's necessary".

An amazing feat. Makes me feel alive.  What does it do to you ?

(Had to put this under the label "love". What else can I say about that feeling ?)

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Something to write

Been some time since I wrote my last post. Have been trying a lot to find myself, find life, find what I want and find tunes for dancing to. Just wanted to write this up to inspire me to write again.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Into Murders...

On my reading front, for the past few months I've been hooked up on only thing : Murder mysteries. Somehow I didn't come across a good book that makes me laugh and I thought that I'll explore the detective stories. I've already read Sherlock Holmes and have been a big fan of his but the recent entry into my list is Hercule Poirot. There's a whole of discussions about who's better but I think they've both given me enough pleasure.

The last 10 of my 11 books have been those of Hercule Poirot and I found a few of them really gripping. Makes me wonder what happens when a murder mystery author commits a murder ! Surely, it wouldn't be found ? Or looking at it another way, we don't know of any famous murder mystery author arrested for murder, isn't it ? Is that a success in their favor ? The kind of things these people think up to plot is amazing. It must be rather hard to write a plot and think up of ways to make it difficult for a reader to spot the murderer. Quite a spectacular feat !

(My book shelf here)