Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What.A.Song !

I suddenly had this urge to listen to a nice uplifting music and went for The Dark Knight ending theme. Stumbling upon a few pieces, I went on to hear the "No time for Caution" from Interstellar and then it stuck me why it was such a hair-raising/mindblowing-awesome experience !

The music, that was it. It's the way it is built. It's like someone knows the emotion, to put it into something beyond words, something that makes you live the experience that Cooper is going through, captured in music. Made alive. Makes me feel alive.

I can almost hear TARS stating "It's not possible" and Coop replying "No, it's necessary".

An amazing feat. Makes me feel alive.  What does it do to you ?

(Had to put this under the label "love". What else can I say about that feeling ?)

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