Saturday, 12 April 2008

Clash of the Titans

Yes, I know its exaggerated. But it was Liverpool vs Arsenal played for the third time in seven days, and looking from my red tinted glasses, I found only happiness when we(Liverpudlians, aka the Kops, aka The Reds) thrashed life out of Arsenal. I know this is going over the top, but hey, Arsenal played wonderfully in the first half. But then we do come back from the dead too often. And this time, we struck in the last 6 minutes of the game and the gunners had to go home disappointed. But you guys really played well, I mean the whole season ofcourse. So as we gear up for the upcoming semi-final against Chelsea (BTW, this is football that I am talking about. Coming from a cricket-fanatic nation, I had to say that. And this is Champions league that I am talking about). Hopefully, we'll meet either Barcelona or the Red Devils (Man U's) in the final and I sincerely hope it would be Man U that we thrash.

I am not a crazy Liverpudlian as such, but I just love the way Gerrard plays. So as I am still trying to manage life, I find relief in watching these matches.
Hail Football. And don't call it Soccer. It's football always.

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