Monday, 2 April 2012

What I am listening to now...

1. Hey there Delilah - Plain White T's : Nice !
2. When you were young - The Killers : Awesome ! I didn't have an impression on this song when I first listened to it. That was when I was just exploring "The Killers" about a couple of years back. But last week I heard this play on VH1 and I was like "How did I miss this ?" Just getting this into my mobile and will probably hear it a lott.
3. Colorblind - Counting Crows : Kind of like feel very close. The piano and the way the song is sung just get me to a quiet mood. A song that makes me close my eyes and just listen to it and take it all in.
4. Chasing cars - Snow Patrol : Was addicted to this song sometime ago. I am quite alright now, but still listen to it. I think its amazing that they came up with : "If I lie here, if i just lie here, would you lie with me and just forget the world" !
5. Acha lagta hain from the movie Aarakshan : Amazing lyrics and song.
6. Us against the world - Coldplay : A song that comforts me and brings a sense of calm.
7. Paradise - Coldplay
8. Life in Technicolor II - Coldplay : Love the intro tabla and "And my feet won't touch the ground" is so well written. Love the video too, quite funny that one.

9. Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay: Words fail me.
10. Fix You - Coldplay : The build up when Chris Martin runs on to the stage is amazing. Always gets me up whenever I listen to it. Feels like a rush of blood everywhere in the body.
11. Juno OST : Kimya Dawson's songs are good. I didn't hear songs like this earlier, and felt good about it. The movie wonderful too.

And lots and lots of Damien Rice. So much that I am gonna write a blog about how good I feel about Damien Rice.

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