Friday, 4 May 2012

Reasons unknown

I go deep into the forest
to find the flowers that grow on the edge of the mountain
where the water falls into the emptiness below
I weave a garland for you
I carry it in a bag tied close to my heart and come to you
You ask "Why ?"

I go to the lake and sit quietly
Look at the waves talking to the rocks
whispers all over the place
You come wandering and sit by my side
I see the sky and your smile
I write a sonnet and offer it to you
You take it and ask "Why ?"

Late in the night you are making your bed
Engrossed in other chores that are trivial but yet need attention
I am sitting in my garden watching the stars
with the sounds of crickets and frogs giving music to the night
And I look to the heaven's above and ask "Why not ?"


Bradz Blog said...

pic baavundi...poem so soso.just keep trying u can write it better

Rohit Kunal said...

Hey Brad, thanks.
I love the poem, though ;)