Monday, 6 August 2012

The Dark Knight Rises escape music - Bane chant

It's amazing how music can inspire you and drive you. I've been trying to get my hands on the chant and music that were the background score when Bale tries to get out of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises. It sounds like "Deshi Deshi Basara Basara" and lots of people are explaining what it means. I haven't explored that part yet but this whole chant with the music makes it a real hair-raising thrill. A complete inspiration. Especially the way the music stops for a little more than second when Bale takes the jump without the rope and then makes it. That music starting again - that is the Rise of the Dark Knight.

Amazing what music can do, isn't it ? Look at this video that someone has rightly put up. This music makes anything look epic - even a cat video. Take a look at this:

Hats off to Hans Zimmer. I loved the way "The Dark Knight" ends with the music really getting me high and this one now makes it a tough choice between the two. Well, for one, both these are associated with different emotions for me, so it's not a choice between them, but rather that both stand out in their own, shall I say, genre.

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