Friday, 2 April 2010


(Just one of my stupid philosophical musing):

Technology is growing to speed up our life, right ? So it is basically to improve our quality of life by saving more time (things are getting faster because of growing technology). All this stuff (whatever we are doing, including our job, other's job, all the companies) is to do things faster so that we'll get more time. Of course, we'll get richer in this process. But whatever products / services that are offered will not be a hit unless they are faster than they used to be. ATM's came for easy access of money so that you get the money faster. Call centers came because you want your issues to be resolved faster. Doing things faster is the mantra of this century ( i guess i can take the liberty to say that). Sure there are other advantages like ease of use for customer, lesser burden on the customer also, but the fundamental quality for almost all the changes is : making things quicker.

Now, doing things faster is saving time. If it is saving time, how come we are not meeting more often ? Remember the generation before two generations were also in the same situation. Still they had time to do so many things and friends and all. Now, in order to go to Tirupati, we hav to make a schedule which meets everyone's availability. In order to meet my buddies, they should be free. I mean, what is happening here. What happenned to the "Time bachao" movement? No output of that ? All the new gadgets etc are supposed to save time right ? How come we are not meeting often then ? Ya i know the ans is more responsibility, new family for married couples, etc. But take ten friends from 1980 outgoing batch and any current batch. They had responsibilities coming out of college too, they married too. But i guess they met often. We do not. As a generation, are we slowly shifting towards busier lives? If so, Why ? Why are faster things not enough ? Does everything have to happen at the click of a button ?

Are we living for business or are we in the business of living ?

(there are always exceptions to the discussed scenarios. but I have my questions. Is this the question that makes ppl go mad and finally become a sadhu ? In that case, I am in for a diffucult time. Or lighter time. Just my musings. You need not be very serious abt wat I am talking )


sampath said...

yemmm cheppaav raa!!!!!!!yeeem cheppaaav raa?????????

Rohit Kunal said...

Good one, sampath!

abhi said...

good one ra..really thought provoking

Rohit Kunal said...

Thanks Abhi :)