Sunday, 23 May 2010

What i am listening to now

Lately I've been into Blink 182. Its a crazy punk bad. I absolutely love some of their songs. Yes, some have censor content in them, but some of them are really good. Something's different abt their music, can't point out what, but i like it..

1. Another girl, Another planet
Liked the energy and the line "I think i'm on another world with you".

2. I miss you
Liked the two different tones.. just blends in..

3. Always
Great one again.. nice energy and lyrics..

4. Down
Wanted to write my own adaptation to this one.. another one of my favs..

5. I'm lost without you
Awesome song ! Loved the slow build up plus the rock.. Great lyrics.. can't believe it isn't in their "Greatest Hits" album :(

6. What went wrong
Aha.. its a different take on the "hate your ex" songs.. liked the music.. though i don't approve of it, i really liked their idea of putting such a bold song.

I totally loved songs from "Ye Maya Chesave". Rahman never fails to fascinate my music senses. Especially liked the :
1. Ee hridayam
Its like a fresh breeze. Liked the way rap is brought in. Though the dance wasn't good, liked the way the director wanted it to be. Just liked the whole package.

2. Kundanapu bomma
I simply liked the title of this song. And the way its given sort of a western music touch to it. I have always admired Rahman's use of Shehnai and Tabla.. Shehnai's too good in this song.

PS: Happy to know that "Use somebody" won the grammy :) It was the song of the last year.. was in my What I am listening to... of the previous entry.

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